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Does the Tribunal determine remuneration for audit committee members?

The Tribunal can only determine remuneration for offices within its determinative jurisdiction.  Where office holders within the Tribunal's jurisdiction are also audit committee members the Tribunal may consider determining additional fees dependent on the circumstances. This would require a case to be made, via a submission, to the Tribunal.

It is unlikely that an external/independent audit committee member would hold an office within the Tribunal's jurisdiction.

Applies to: Part time

Is GST included in the fees determined by the Tribunal?
The fee determined by the Remuneration Tribunal is the amount payable by the paying agency or authority in respect of the office holder's performance of the functions of the office. It is inclusive of any taxation obligation.

Applies to: Part time

We need remuneration for a new office determined ASAP but the responsible Minister is overseas and cannot sign the submission. What can we do?
The Tribunal may consider draft submissions and provide indicative remuneration levels, but only where the office falls automatically within the Tribunal's determinative jurisdiction. A signed submission is required before a final determination can be made.

Applies to: Part time; Full time

How soon after the determination is signed can we start paying the office holder? Do we have to wait for it to be tabled in Parliament?
No, you can start paying office holders as soon as the determination is signed. The only exception to this is for Judges' remuneration.

Applies to: Part time; Full time

Can the existing level of remuneration be reviewed?
Yes. To seek a review of remuneration, a submission requesting such a review and outlining reasons must be put to the Tribunal, (ideally by the employing body in the case of PEOs). Guidelines are available on the website. The guidelines note that it is preferable to include an indication of support from the responsible Minister.

Applies to: Part time; Full time; Principal Executive offices

What Travelling Allowance should board and committee members be paid?

Tribunal determinations specify the tier of travelling allowance (TA) applying to each office (Tier 1, 2 or 3). Tier 2 applies to part-time offices not specified.

Refer to the Official Travel Determination for further information.  Note that conditions of payment may differ from Australian Public Service TA arrangements.

Applies to: Part time