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What performance pay is available to a PEO?

The potential for a PEO to be granted performance pay by the Employing Body is established by Clause 2.12 of the Determination. Where performance pay is available, the arrangement must operate in accordance with the Guidelines issued by the Tribunal.

Clause 2.12.1 sets out the maximum performance pay that may be available.  However it should be noted that there are some instances where the Tribunal has consented to variations in relation to particular offices.  These variations include:

  • instances where access to performance pay has been removed in association with an increase in fixed remuneration; and
  • instances where the Tribunal has consented to a higher potential performance pay percentage, in special circumstances.

It is an Employing Body's responsibility to maintain records of correspondence that includes the Tribunal's consent to such variations, and ensure its decisions are consistent with the Tribunal's Determination and any such variations to which it has consented.

Applies to: Principal Executive offices